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Links to Organizations

The following links connect you directly to the organization's site. The list is in alphabetical order. Please check the entry. If any of the links does not function or the url has changed, please let us know. If your organization is not on the list, please send us an e-mail with the organization's name and url. Thank you.

American Chemical Society - ACS 

American Institute of Physics - AIP 

American Coatings Association - ACA

The Paint Research Association - PRA (UK)

Society of Cosmetics Chemists - SCC

Rheology Societies:

Australian Society of Rheology

Austrian Group of Rheology

Belgian Group of Rheology

British Society of Rheology

Bulgarian Society of Rheology

Canadian Society of Rheology

Czech Group of Rheology

Dutch Rheological Society

European Society of Rheology

French Group of Rheology

German Society of Rheology

Hellenic Society of Rheology

Israel Society of Rheology

Italian Group of Rheology

Japanese Society of Rheology

Korean Society of Rheology

Nordic Rheology Society

Polish Society of Engineering Rheology

Portuguese Society of Rheology

Romanian Society of Rheology

Slovenian Society of Rheology

Society of Rheology (USA)

Spanish Group of Rheology

Swiss Group of Rheology

Vinogradov Society of Rheology


Academic Centers:

University of Wisconsin-Madison - Rheology Research Center

Harvard University - Experimental Soft Condensed Matter Group

Michigan State university - Rheology and Bioprocessing

MIT - Non-Newtonian Fluid Dynamics Research Group

University of Massachusetts - Laboratory for Experimental Rheology

University of Michigan - Complex Fluids and Nanostructured Materials

The Pennsylvania State University - Polymer Dynamics and Complex Fluids Rheology Group

University of Minnesota Chemical Engineering and Materials Science  

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