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Vortex Mill Examples Food/Cosmetics

Examples: Food/Cosmetics


Raw Material                                       Milled Material


D(50)=30.7 µm


D(50)=1.68 µm



Tri Calcium Phosphate

D(50)=9.79 µm

D(50)=2.07 µm



Sea Weeds

Granules 1…3 mm

D(50)=3.97 µm


Creatine Mono Hydrate

D(50)=57.2 µm

D(50)=1.72 µm


Echinacea Purpurea  

Fragments 1…3 mm

D(50)=10.6 µm



Fragments 2…4 mm


D(50)=10.16 µm



Dead Sea Mud

Fragments 1…4 mm


D(50)=2.64 µm



Green Coffee

Fragments 1…4 mm


D(50)=7.94 µm



D(50)=22.9 µm

D(50)=4.77 µm


Olive leaves

Fragments 1…4 mm


D(50)=4.3 µm


Sodium Saccharin

Crystals 1…3 mm

D(50)=2.87 µm



D(50)=33.5 µm

D(50)=2.27 µm

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