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Vortex Mill Examples Ceramics

Examples: Ceramics


Raw Material                                       Milled Material

Boron Carbide

Granules 0.7…1.5 mm

D(50)=3.75 µm


Silicon Carbide

Granules 0.5…2 mm

D(50)=3.1 µm



Alfa Alumina

Granules 2…4 mm

D(50)=4.17 µm


Tungsten Carbide

D(50)=3.7 µm

D(50)=0.91 µm



Grains D(50) =0.6 mm

D(50)=4.26 µm


Fused Zirconia

D(50)=17.38 µm

D(50)=2.66 µm

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