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Vortex Mill Uses

Harness a TORNADO to your Mill


The Vortex Mill has been applied in the following industries:

Hard and Super-Hard Materials

Examples: Zirconia, Boron Carbide, Silicon-Carbide, boron nitride, Alpha Alumina, Silicon nitride

Rare Earths

Examples: Yttrium Oxide, Neodymium Oxide, Dysprosium Oxide, Erbium Oxide


Examples: different types of organic and inorganic pigments

Food Additives

Examples: Vitamins, Tri Calcium Citrate, Mono Sodium Citrate, Tri Calcium Phosphate, Soya, Tomato


Various pharmaceuticals products and ingredients have been successfully milled to meet many pharmaceutical companies' requirements.

Polymers, Plastics and Waxes

Examples: Polyoxypropylene, Ultem, Polyphenylensulfate, Polyethylene copolymer wax, Oxidized polyethylene, hot melt adhesives, polyoxymethylene. In many cases the Vortex Mill technology provided room temperature or chilled air milling instead of cryogenic milling in addition to the single stage process, providing cost savings and defined particle size with a narrow particle size distribution.

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Examples: Plastics

Examples: Food/Cosmetics

Examples: Pigments/Fillers/Additives

Examples: Ceramics

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