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Vortex Mill Examples Pigments

Examples: Pigments/Fillers/Additives


Raw Material                                       Milled Material

Organic Blue Pigment

D(50)=20.6 µm


D(50)=2.1 µm



Organic Yellow Pigment

Granules 1…3 mm

D(50)=2.85 µm



Pink Pigment

D(50)=130.6 µm

D(50)=2.5 µm


Glass Flakes

D(50)=154 µm

D(50)=17.6 µm 


Microcrystalline Cellulose

D(50)=71.3 µm

D(50)=5.79 µm



Flakes  1…3 mm


D(50)=2.87 µm



Metals Oxide based material

D(50)=9.5 µm

D(50)=2.2 µm


Tungsten Oxide based material

D(50)=16.6 µm

D(50)=0.39 µm


Carbon from recycling process

Grains 0.5…2 mm


D(50)=0.21 µm


Titanium Dioxide

D(50)=1.63 µm

D(50)=0.37 µm


Magnesium Oxide

Grains 1…2 mm

D(50)=1.98 µm


Ceramic based yellow pigment

D(50)=7.19 µm

D(50)=3.01 µm

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