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Vortex Mill Advantages

Harness a TORNADO to your Mill


The Vortex Mill technology has a number of significant advantages in comparison to other milling methods:

Advantage with "Soft" Materials

One of the most outstanding advantages of the Vortex Mill is that it can replace cryogenic milling with room temperature milling or, in some cases, milling with chilled air.

Powder Quality

The Vortex Mill may solve issues relating to the quality of the powder, particle size, particle size distribution, uniformity, tail control and purity

Milling in a Single Stage

The Vortex Mill technology provides a single stage process - there is no need for additional rounds or classification. All the milled material exhibits a narrow particle size distribution.


The Vortex Mill technology uses less energy, all the material has the same size after one pass, there is no need for classification, in some cases it replaces cryogenic milling and in many cases the quality of the powder is superior to other processes, in addition to the fact that it does not have any moving parts, the result is an overall economical process.

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Examples: Plastics

Examples: Food/Cosmetics

Examples: Pigments/Fillers/Additives

Examples: Ceramics

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